Guide on crypto transactions, deposits, and wallet features.

15 articles
How Our Wallet System WorksExperience ultimate control and flexibility with our cryptocurrency-specific wallets.
How to Make a DepositFund your Gamba account with your preferred cryptocurrency in a few simple steps.
Deposit Still Not CreditedUnderstand the potential causes and steps you can take if your deposit is delayed on Gamba.
How to Generate a New Deposit Address on GambaA quick guide on changing your deposit address.
Understanding Fiat Currency ViewView your crypto balances and transactions in fiat values.
Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal LimitsClarifying transaction limits at Gamba.
Fluctuations in the Fiat Value of Your Crypto BalancesWondering why the fiat display of your balance keeps going up and down?
How to make a WithdrawalMake instant withdrawals from Gamba to your external wallets.
How does Vault workEnhance your control over your funds and bankroll management.
Sending and Receiving TipsSend and receive cryptocurrency tips with other users on Gamba quickly and securely.
Withdrawal Address Book/WhitelistA convenient address book that doubles as a secure whitelist for your withdrawals.
Keeping Track of Your Transaction HistoryMonitor your account activities with the transaction history.
What is Coin-Mixing and Its ImplicationsUnderstanding coin-mixing, its impact on withdrawals, and how to avoid associated problems.
How to Find Your Transaction HashGuidance on locating your unique transaction id for troubleshooting.
Where is My WithdrawalYour go-to guide Understanding Withdrawal States on Gamba