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Affiliates & Referrals

Information about our affiliate program and ways to maximize earnings.

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Understand the Gamba affiliate system and how you can benefit.

How is Commission EarnedRefer players to Gamba and earn passive income from their wagers, regardless of if they win or lose.
Understanding Affiliate Commission TiersIncrease your earnings by progressing through Gamba's affiliate commission tiers.
How many Referral Codes Can I CreateStart your Gamba Affiliate journey with up to 5 unique referral codes.
What is the % Back to User" FeatureAutomatically give back a % of earned commission form your referrals, to your referrals.
How is the % Back to User Deducted from my CommissionThe % back to your users is automatically deducted from your earned commissions.
Viewing ALL Your Referred Users on GambaEasily track and manage your referred users on Gamba's Affiliate management page.
Deleting an Affiliate Code on GambaOnce created, an affiliate code cannot be deleted by users. However, we can help.
Changing the Name of an Existing Affiliate Code on GambaModifying the name of an existing affiliate code is typically not possible.
Affiliate Code AbusePolicies and Consequences of abusing the Gamba Affiliate system.
Can I Remove a Referred User From My CodeAffiliate codes and their referred users are permanently linked.
How Often are the Statistics Updated for my Referred UsersOur system strives for real-time updates, but slight delays may occur.
What Happens to my Commission if a User I Referred Wins BigYour commission isn't affected by users' wins or losses.
Can I have different commission rates for different referral codes?All of your referral codes follow the same commission tier.
Is there any fee for withdrawing my commission earnings?No withdrawal fees for commission earnings.