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Why Was My Sports Bet Rejected/Cancelled
Why Was My Sports Bet Rejected/Cancelled

The reasons behind rejected or cancelled bets in sports betting

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If you're an active participant in Gamba's sports betting platform, there may be rare instances when your bets are unexpectedly cancelled or rejected. This can be perplexing and you may be left wondering about the reasons. In this article, we aim to clarify some common causes for bet cancellations and provide insights to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Accidental Odds

At times, Gamba may unintentionally list incorrect odds due to a technical glitch or human error. If you place a bet based on these seemingly attractive odds, your bet is likely to be cancelled once the error is discovered.

Hard-to-Verify or Evaluate Events

Certain bet types, particularly prop bets (where you predict specific events within a game or series), can present difficulties when verifying the outcome conclusively. In such cases, Gamba may choose to cancel the bet.

Suspicious Matches or Games

Gamba, in collaboration with our sports provider Betby, is constantly vigilant for any signs of compromised or rigged matches or games. If such suspicions arise, we reserve the right to cancel all bets associated with the specific event. This action is taken to maintain the integrity of our platform and deter any illicit activities.

Ill-Constructed Parlay Bets

If a parlay bet (a single bet involving multiple outcomes) is placed in a manner that breaches Gamba's rules, the bet will be cancelled upon detection.

Rule Violations

Most bet cancellations occur due to violations of Gamba's terms and conditions. Any breach of these rules can result in bet cancellations and potentially account restrictions. Additionally, involvement in arbitrage betting, which capitalizes on variations in odds across different betting platforms, can also result in bet cancellations.

Disputing a Cancellation Decision

Should your bet be cancelled and you believe the action was unjustified, Gamba provides you the option to dispute this decision. However, it's important to note that we, in conjunction with our sports provider Betby, retain the authority to cancel bets as per our terms and conditions.

To initiate a dispute, you need to submit a written claim to Gamba within seven days following the bet decision. After we receive your claim, Betby's comprehensive team, including a robust fraud prevention unit, will have a 30-day window to review and resolve your dispute.


Having a clear understanding of why bets may be cancelled is crucial for enhancing your betting experience at Gamba. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with our rules and regulations before placing any bets. While bet cancellations may be frustrating, they are implemented to maintain the integrity of the platform and ensure a fair environment for all bettors.

If you need further assistance or clarification regarding bet cancellations or any other aspects of betting, our support team is readily available at [email protected] or through our 24/7 live chat. At Gamba, in partnership with Betby, we strive to provide a secure, fair, and enjoyable betting environment.

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