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Understanding Live Cashout Limitations
Understanding Live Cashout Limitations

Learn why you might be unable to execute a live cashout on your bets.

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Live Cashout is a feature that allows you to receive returns on a bet before the event has concluded. This feature is available on selected events and markets for both Pre-Match and Live Singles and Multi bets. While this feature greatly enhances flexibility in betting, there are some conditions where cashout may not be available:

  1. Event Suspension: If the event and/or market you have placed a bet on is suspended, cashout will not be available.

  2. Time Delay Impact: Every cashout is subject to a time delay. If the event or market is suspended, or odds change during this delay after you've attempted a cashout, the cashout may not be successful.

  3. Lack of Live Coverage: If the event and/or market you've bet on does not offer live odds, cashout will not be available.

  4. Too Many Matches Pending: If there are many matches still left to be played on your bet slip, cashout may not be available.

  5. Specific Bet Types: Bet Builder bets and player prop bets do not offer the cashout feature.

Remember that your cashout value may vary depending on your selection's performance and can be higher or lower than your original bet amount. This allows you to secure a profit or minimize a potential loss.

Please note, Gamba cannot be held responsible if the cashout feature is unavailable due to technical issues. In such cases, bets will be settled based on the final result.

Gamba also reserves the right to reverse the settlement of a cashout if a bet has been settled erroneously. Misuse of the cashout feature, such as consistently taking advantage of Pre-Match price movements to close bets before events have started or using latency to guarantee a profit, may result in the removal of the cashout feature for the offending user.

As always, if you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or use our 24/7 live chat. We're here to make your Gamba experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

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